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Invisalign®: let’s clear up the path to a new smile

Invisalign is a system that uses custom-fitted transparent aligners to straighten your teeth a little bit each week. The patient receives a complete set of aligners, wears each for a week or two depending on the Dr.’s treatment plan, and then moves on to the next one in the set until the treatment is completed. This treatment option is great for patients who want to straighten their teeth without the look and restrictions of braces. Invisalign is virtually invisible and can be removed for eating, drinking, and taking care of your oral hygiene routine.

The tea on traditional metal braces

The truth is that traditional metal braces are highly effective at straightening teeth even in cases ranging from mild to complex. While this type of braces has been around the longest, they have evolved and improved with time. The updated version of the traditional metal braces is smaller, more discreet, and more comfortable than ever before. And the best part is that you can customize your look by selecting optional, fun colors to apply to your braces at every adjustment appointment.

Clear and ceramic braces, the low-key braces option

Clear and ceramic braces are typically made from clear or tooth-colored material that allows the brackets to blend into the teeth and look more discreet than traditional metal braces. However, these braces tend to be more brittle and harder to clean. Therefore, this treatment is recommended for adult patients and older teens.

Treating children: Capitalizing on the value of time and growth.

Dr. Bayer and Dr. Curtis believe that phase 1 treatment is necessary in certain cases to obtain the best results. Phase 1 treatment takes advantage of a child’s development to guide their growth in a way that corrects or lessens malocclusions. It is important to note, not all children are eligible for phase 1 treatment and there is not an exact age to begin this type of treatment. Like many things in orthodontics, the recommendation for treatment is evaluated on an individual basis. The American Association of Orthodontics suggests seeing your Orthodontist at age 7.

Adulting level 1000 – Orthodontic treatment

Everyone deserves to have the smile of their dreams regardless of age. At Bayer & Curtis Orthodontics, we love to treat adult patients with the respect and compassion they deserve while keeping the entire experience light and fun. Treating adults requires keeping a close eye on periodontal issues to ensure the teeth are the healthiest they can be since healthy teeth move more efficiently. Adults also have the added complexity of their skeletal structures which are finished growing and cannot be manipulated with orthodontics alone.

Surgical orthodontics does not have to mean big yikes

Surgical orthodontics or orthognathic surgery is used to make changes to the structure of a patient’s jaw when the required jaw changes cannot be made through orthodontics alone. Jaw surgery may sound scary but it’s a procedure that has been performed for many decades and is relatively standardized. Most patients recover within a few weeks and love the change dentally and facially from the combination of orthodontics and orthognathic surgery.

I maintain my results: It’s the retainers for me.

You’ve worked hard to complete your glow-up, now it’s time to maintain the results long-term. Once your treatment is completed, the doctor will prescribe a retainer for you to wear. The retainer ensures that your teeth do not revert to their pre-treatment positions. Most patients begin wearing their retainer day and night and eventually graduate to night-time use only. Wearing your retainer is worth it to protect your investment of time and money to earn your brand new smile. Retainers can be removable or fixed/bonded depending on your preferences and the doctor’s recommendation.

Our technology is so extra and we love it!

The iTero Digital scanner replaces the need for old-fashioned goopy impressions. This digital scanner can capture detailed 3-D images of your teeth and surrounding structures to then be transformed into 3-D digital models. The entire process is simple, safe, comfortable, and painless. The doctor or one of the assistants simply passes a wand over the area they are capturing and then uploads the images to share with you.

Digital X-rays replace the use of traditional X-rays with several advantages. This type of X-ray emits minimal safe levels of radiation and offers many advantages over conventional X-rays. Digital X-rays can be easily stored and shared with the patient and collaborating doctors. And the best part? The images are highly detailed and accurate.

Virtual appointments are convenient for patients who do not have time to make an in-person visit to our office or are out of town for work or school. This is also a huge convenience for our active duty military who deploy and as well as out of town college students. During a virtual appointment, the doctor can evaluate your progress within the treatment and make adjustments as necessary. For health or time reasons, virtual appointments allow us to remain connected with our patients and to deliver the care our patients require.

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