Bayer & Curtis Orthodontics uses the iTero® system to get 3D images of your teeth. We use these highly accurate models for effective treatment planning of your orthodontic care. The digital scan increases the patient’s comfort by eliminating the goop and gagging of traditional impressions. The scan captures the contours of your teeth and gingival (gum) structures, producing an accurate model within just minutes. The patient is then able to view the impression of his or her mouth. This helps patients more fully participate in their treatment, as well as gain a better understanding of orthodontics and available options.

Dr. Peter Bayer and Dr. Leigh Bayer Curtis will use these digital models to show you a “before and after” view of your treatment. After they are made, the models are digitally forwarded to our lab without the normal shipping wait time, expediting the treatment process. To schedule an appointment with us, phone our office at (850)-244-8602. Our orthodontists and dental team, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, will work with you to decide upon a treatment plan.