Invisalign Teen®

While everyone wants a straight smile, not everyone wants to deal with all the wires and brackets. This is especially true during middle and high school, when you are most likely to wear braces.

Invisalign Teen® – Straighten Your Teeth the Clear Way!

Invisalign not only works on adult teeth but developing smiles as well! Because teenagers are going through rapid growth and changes, this is also often the best time for orthodontics. Our Invisalign “teens” in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, can get the new smile they need, without the hassle of traditional braces.

What is Invisalign Teen?

The Invisalign Teen system is a series of orthodontic trays that are placed over the teeth to move them into a healthier position. These trays are:

  • Clear – The clear material that makes up the aligners make them difficult to see while being worn.
  • Customized and Comfortable – Each tray is custom-fitted to your mouth using advanced 3D imaging, with no brackets or wires to irritate the mouth.
  • Removable – Invisalign allows you remove each tray, either to switch out for another set or for daily eating, brushing and flossing.
  • Effective – As you wear each new set of aligners, you can see your teeth move and straighten!

Why Choose Invisalign Teen?

Teens everywhere are using Invisalign to gradually and effectively improve their smile. A few reasons why are:

  • No wires or brackets
  • Easily removed for daily hygiene, chewing or eating and better cleaning
  • Fits in with an active social life and lifestyle
  • Quicker, easier and fewer appointments with the orthodontist

How Does Teen Invisalign Work?

Each set of trays is fitted to gently straighten your teeth. As you switch out the trays every two weeks, the teeth are moved more and more into alignment. With the help of Dr. Peter Bayer and Dr. Leigh Bayer Curtis, you can start to see improvements in a matter of months! Schedule an Invisalign consultation for yourself or your teen today at (850)-244-8602.